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The sunny weather and high temperatures in San Diego County areas make it an ideal place to GO SOLAR. Thanks to programs like the HERO Program, and better technology and lower prices- solar panels are being installed in San Diego residential and business areas at a staggering rate. In fact, San Diego solar panel installations are leading California in growth, increasing solar power production over 500% in the last few years alone.


There has NEVER been a Better Time to GO SOLAR!


Family and locally owned Millennium Roofing is staffed by the best quality solar power technicians. We make it a point to hire the best in the industry to ensure quality work, professionalism, efficiency, and loyalty to the customer.


Why Choose Mellennium Roofing for San Diego Solar Panels?


You can trust in our installation expertise and our solar panels, to give you the best solar energy system for your home. Solar Panel installation is NOT complicated nor difficult. We explain the simplicity of the process, installation, and how to best integrate solar energy into their home life. The solar panels we install are the most efficient,  producing up to 70% more energy than other panels. At Millennium Roofing & Solar you have a team that will help you save money, conserve energy, and increase the value of your home.


Financing is available- Start Saving Money with Solar Today!


Solar panel prices have fallen by over 70% over the last several years and the federal government offers incentives to make energy efficient upgrades to your home.

We offer the HERO financing program, so for as little as 0 down you can also get your solar panels financed (on approved credit). So Call Us Today for a FREE Estimate!